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Pious Couple is a team of people, working to have strong relationship among couples and how to deal with problems in marriage life Jazak Allah khair

Tips fpr a successful marriage in 2020

Best Tips for a Happy and Successful Marriage in 2020

To get the real facts out there, we asked people on our social media platform to spill the facts and secret ingredients that help them lead a successful and happy marriage.  When two people come together, they leave their regular casualties behind and try to adapt to what the other one is offering, or it …

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Filthiness Of Haram Relationship

Filthiness Of Haram Relationship Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, fear of being caught, fear of being cheated, emotional & physical torture. That is all you have to welcome with your Haram relationship. Your universe will shatter, those butterflies which he gave you will die, your tears will get dry, your heart will cease as you will …

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what is mahr(dowry) in Islam?


WHAT IS MAHR (DOWRY) IN ISLAM? Islam has honored the women &  given her the right of ownership & imposed on man to give her dowry as her due right to make her content on the right of her husband’s guardianship ever It is unlawful for anyone to take her dowry or part of it without her consent. It is recommended to ask light dowry  & to name it in the There …


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