Ruining the life of someone else’s daughter


Ruining the life of someone else’s daughter

Ruining the life of someone else’s daughter is a liability that one day his own daughter has to pay

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7 thoughts on “Ruining the life of someone else’s daughter”

  1. If a man has cheated his wife..Why should his wife and daughter suffer. He will enjoy his life to the fullest. Some body else is enjoying and somebody else is suffer. This is not fair.

  2. This is disgusting. Puts full blame on the man and again woman takes no responsibility. Should it be her fault as much as his. His daughter will suffer what about the girl he cheated with if his daughter will suffer what will she suffer with. Such a narrow-minded post with women playing the wounded one when it clearly takes two hands to clap.

  3. Its a sin and no doubt in that…

    But Allah swt says in the quran one does not bear Burden load of others….then how has one’s sin affects his daughter???

    pls clarify

  4. Ruining the life of someone else’s daughter is a liability that one day his own daughter has to pay

    If he has ruin his wife’s life then again he has to pay by his own daughter in this whole thing the wife is again bearing because of her dauther life is ruin till when she has to bear every thing ……

  5. Once a cheater will always a cheater. For everything v can give second chances except cheating. So don’t waste time thinking he will change. Let him go and move on with ur life.

  6. Assalamu alaikum, my husband and I have been having some problems, I found out that he slept with a lady near our house and that he’s trying to get to see her again. But when I found out he said he will not do that again. But for now he is saying I should trust him again but I’m finding it difficult for me to do so. I have been checking his phone to see whether they are still together. And this has been creating more problems to me. I don’t know what to do. Please I need more advice from you soon.

    1. Sister regaining trust can be very difficult esp if the person who broke the trust is not doing much to help u trust him/ her again.but one tjing u shuld kno is that u dont have to trust him again if u dont think u can or if u dont want to! Please see the imam or kadhi near you for advice and guidance in shaaAllah.

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